Roy Sprague Jr., AIA Middle School Cypress-Fairbanks ISD | Cypress, TX

Sprague Middle School will be the third and final school to complete the Bridgeland Educational Village, which also includes Bridgeland High School and Jim and Pam Wells Elementary School. The design of this facility is a new prototype and will serve approximately 1,350 students in grades sixth, seventh and eighth.

The three-story academic wings of the middle school are designed with a central core of science labs on each floor, resulting in flexibility for instructional delivery in grade alignment, departmentalization and small learning community formats. Collaborative flex spaces of various sizes are located throughout the academic portion of the facility and the library is centrally located within the school and serves as the hinge of the academic wings. An operable partition between the elementary and middle schools allows flexibility to open the cafeterias into one large space for after-hour events or to keep them separated for day-to-day use. The site also includes a competition football field with press box and bleachers, practice football field, four lane track, track and field components and other practice and playfields.

Natural daylight in classrooms and reduced energy consumption are all incorporated into the design of the new middle school. Major elements include educational displays and demonstration areas, limiting stormwater runoff, reduction of portable water usage and low-emitting, rapidly renewable materials. Additionally, the shared use of a common central plant and service yard with the elementary school allows for operational cost-efficiency.

+ Master planning was completed by IBI Group for this district.

“The master plan design process began in 2014 with the concept centered around collaboration and interaction among different grade levels, challenging students to become leaders while they learn. The three campuses are able to share facilities and resources, as well as a common outdoor learning courtyard that allows extended shared learning opportunities.”

—Laura Carroll, Associate Principal
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