Bridgeland High School (Educational Village) Cypress-Fairbanks ISD | Cypress, TX

The design of this facility in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD (CFISD) is a new prototype that serves approximately 3,500 students. The new high school facility is a two and four-story building totaling approximately 573,468 sq ft which includes a competition football field, baseball field, softball field (all with bleachers and press boxes), competition running track and several other practice and playfields.

All three facilities share a large outdoor learning space with various age-appropriate embedded learning elements while also providing distinct age-specific outdoor learning and play areas for each individual campus (the buildings act as the separator for common and specific age outdoor spaces). All campuses are designed with a variety of flexible classroom configurations and various collaboration and extended learning opportunities. Transparency was a key design driver desired by CFISD to provide connections between various learning spaces, create curiosity to pique the interest of the learners with the ability to see activities in the different learning environments and allow passive supervision of collaborative student groups which can exist outside of the formal classroom environment.

+ Master planning was completed by IBI Group for this district.

“The high school is located on the same site as the new elementary school and future middle school. This educational village is a multi-campus site where all schools are in close proximity to one another to create a next generation learning community. This idea fosters extended shared learning opportunities, creates synergies among the students and encourages collaboration across disciplines and grade levels. This allows advanced students to take advantage of coursework in the adjacent facilities and promotes mentorship-based relationships with higher grade level students acting as mentors for their younger peers.”

—Mark French, Director | US Deputy Education Lead | Senior Principal
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