San Jacinto College Science Building, Central Campus San Jacinto College District | Pasadena, TX

As the 2014 Association for Learning Environments (A4LE) award-winning project for the Southern Region, the science building has already begun to establish its own reputation within the higher education realm.

In response to a districtwide comprehensive master plan, San Jacinto College identified a high priority need for science and allied health program additions for each campus. A Design Committee was established to set goals, develop a program of spaces and assist IBI Group in conceptual development. The Design Committee was made up of end users and administrators representing the science program at the central campus.

The science building includes a public entry and gathering areas, with a generous front lobby and a large allocation of space for common areas throughout the facility. Science instruction and support labs account for over 50% of the entire facility. These spaces include tiered lecture classrooms, recycling areas, custom instructional labs and support/prep areas for biology, chemistry, geology and physics. All of the interiors were designed using sustainable materials. Staff areas include a science department office suite, faculty offices and a lab supervisor office. Offices are designed to increase flexibility by using demountable wall partitions.

+ Master planning was completed by IBI Group for this district.

“The facility is just gorgeous, the spacing of our prototype labs is excellent, the atrium is vibrant, the periodic table is so inventive and the space gives the students a great place to gather. The administrative suite on the first floor has been a good placement, as it gives students and visitors an identifiable location to come to change classes and get information. The staff office locations on the second and third floor give easy access to their labs and give the students a chance to collaborate with them. The chemistry and biology with their need for high exhaust requirements are located perfectly on the third floor. We love the exterior with its aluminum skin and west sun shading system, it really allows the offices to stay shaded and cool during the afternoons. The overall look really makes the building look high-tech but it was good to still have some red brick on the building to tie it back into the rest of the campus.”

—Dr. Ann Cartwright, The Department Chair of Physical Sciences, San Jacinto College District

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