Mayde Creek High School Athletic Addition and Comprehensive Renovations Katy ISD | Katy, TX

Mayde Creek High School in Katy ISD was initially constructed in 1983. After years of service and ad hoc additions, the high school grew to cover over 550,000 sq ft of enclosed space that was in need of significant upgrades and master planning.

Additionally, the 100 acre site not only encompassed the high school, parking, drives, baseball facility, softball facility, football facility and two practice fields, but accommodated a separate junior high school and elementary school. All work was scheduled and phased around a three year building program that would allow the continuous operation of the high school, its programs and the surrounding facilities.

Multiple program and planning meetings were held with multiple stakeholders for the addition and renovations. Stakeholders included the A/E Team, District Facilities Department, District administration, school administration, teachers, staff and county officials. Work included renovations of the original facility encompassing approximately 356,000 sq ft, a 30,000 sq ft addition and site upgrades.

The scope for the comprehensive renovation and expansion project generally defined upgrades and renovations for the original facility constructed in 1983. This area housed tenth-twelfth grade classrooms, science, fine arts, career and technology programs, administration, clinic, library, kitchen/commons, gymnasiums, athletic and locker areas. Renovations upgraded spaces to comply with current program needs as well as TEA, code, security and accessibility requirements. The design touched nearly every portion of the existing facility. Safety elements included a new security vestibule, upgraded security monitoring systems and a new fire sprinkler system with an upgraded fire alarm. Circulation and public areas were enhanced with cross corridors, a new elevator and collaboration areas. Classrooms and labs corrected adjacency issues and were reconfigured for needed area requirements. All spaces received upgraded finishes (ceiling, flooring and walls) and systems. Original HVAC, electrical, technology and plumbing systems were upgraded. Life safety improvements included a security vestibule, an upgraded security system and a new fire suppression system with an upgraded alarm. An integrated addition was constructed to address specific special education, career and technology, science and circulation requirements. Site work provided additional sidewalks, reconfigured vehicular circulation and provided a new softball field, dugouts and practice cages. Additional amenities included shaded bleachers, toilets, dressing areas, concessions, press box and storage area.

“The final design addressed current educational programs, corrected inefficient circulation, addressed life safety issues and provided flexible and collaborative spaces to meet the future needs of the District.”

—Daniel Brewster, Director | Houston Office Lead | Managing Principal
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