Lomax Elementary School La Porte ISD | La Porte, TX

Meeting the demands of district growth and responding to the interdisciplinary needs of today’s learners, this 100,400 sq ft next generation elementary school replaces a mid-century campus and can accommodate up to 729 students.

Organized to foster student safety, security and inclusion, the light-filled core classroom spaces are arranged around shared learning spaces and an expanded interior circulation network.

The scope included education specifications, programming, master planning and 18 months of design and phased construction. The strong connection to place, adaptability, connectivity of space and the choice of timeless and durable materials ensure that this facility will remain a strong civic symbol in the community.

Six learning neighborhoods, each with a cluster of five classrooms, extend from the two-story main corridor. The arrangement fosters collaboration and opportunities for variation in scales of learning–from multi-classroom gatherings to intimate individual experiences. The cafeteria and library were planned for multi-purpose use and off-hour access.

The building’s contemporary exterior features curved walls, a subtle color palette and is scaled to the surrounding neighborhood. Structural regularity and clear spanned wings provides future flexibility. Classrooms are arranged around a core of science and flex spaces that can be configured based on group size and function. Building components and finishes are low-maintenance, energy-efficient with a long life cycle.

“HVAC and lighting meet the new energy code and creates more standardized maintenance and upkeep; it also allows the District to streamline operational staff.”

—Daniel Brewster, Director | Houston Office Lead | Managing Principal
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