Keefer Crossing Middle School New Caney ISD | New Caney, TX

With the growing population in the area zoned to the district, a bond was passed to renovate, replace, and build brand new schools throughout the district.

With the original middle school built in 1959, the school was very dated and not up to safety, security, teaching, and learning standards. A design for the replacement campus went underway including a field house, lighted football field, 8-lane track, field events and practice field. Student-centered learning classrooms and labs accommodate the expanding CTE programs. The facility also includes appropriate spaces to accommodate the expanding fine arts and lab capacities, collaborative areas for monitored small group student learning outside of the classrooms–both inside and outside, the latest District technology and parking capabilities to address large school functions.

A new mascot was chosen to celebrate the new school. The school colors of blue, black, and white are throughout for school spirit, along with murals of the mascot. The expansive 3-story middle school has a student capacity of 1,500 students which allows for growth in one of the fastest growing school districts. Modern learning styles and standards were researched and implemented in the school with the various collaboration group spaces in and out of the classroom. Natural light and an outdoor learning courtyard were also a part of the design which is proven to increase productivity among students.

With the large scale of the school, it was imperative that the floor plan would be easy to navigate for middle schoolers. The first floor is filled with shared spaces while the second and third floors are classrooms. Each classroom section on the 3 floors had a collab space that was a wide-open area filled with various seating styles, a workroom, and a small group meeting room. The goal of this space was for students to use to study, work together, and collaborate on group work.

“Keefer Crossing Middle School is dedicated to assist all students to reach their fullest potential intellectually, socially and emotionally. Their goal is to guide each student to become a responsible member of society. They aim to help students be exemplary in every educational experience.”

—Tavola Community
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