Katherine Johnson Clark Intermediate School Conroe ISD | Spring, TX

The architectural design for Katherine Johnson Clark Intermediate School represents the second school designed by IBI Group in the evolution of the “flex school” prototype in Conroe ISD. The District modified the elementary school plan to function as an intermediate school in the Woodson’s Reserve subdivision to serve fifth and sixth graders only.

The genesis of the design began with the long-term planning activities of Conroe ISD back in 2014. The building program is based on a 1,000 capacity school adapting to changing technology and current facility utilization trends that would enhance the facility for the future students and staff members.

The facility is designed to direct all visitors to the main entry where secure vestibules will be used to control access to the building and the development of open sightlines to minimize hiding locations and limit site access. The two-story plan also allows for a smaller building footprint that reduces the need for a larger site. Academic spaces are located on the second floor permitting the first floor a layout to maximize outdoor learning and playing opportunities for students.


“The most striking transformation from the first flex school in the District was the decision to utilize a two-story floor plan to maximize the site. This was a strategic decision based on the safety of the students and how the school would be managed by faculty.”

—Daniel Brewster, Director | Houston Office Lead | Managing Principal
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