Guajardo Elementary School | Hayley Elementary School | Simms Elementary School Texas City ISD | Texas City, TX

The Texas City Independent School District embarked on the task of producing three new elementary schools simultaneously under one design package to replace the existing 1950’s era District facilities.

Guajardo Elementary School (100,000 sq ft) is located in Texas City, TX with a building program based on a 900 student capacity serving kindergarten through the fourth grade. Hayley Elementary School (100,000 sq ft) and Simms Elementary School (100,000 sq ft) continue their historical kindergarten through fifth grade levels with an 800 student capacity in La Marque, TX. Each school has unique site issues and design objectives that required community participation throughout the pre-design and planning process. Together the facilities will act as hubs for both the Texas City and La Marque communities by providing multi-purpose spaces for after-school activities, a key factor to effectively and efficiently accommodate available education and neighborhood programs. The Design Team worked closely with the Community Task Force to create collaborative, flexible, energy-efficient and durable elementary schools. The one-story buildings use heightened security to protect staff and students through the use of state of the art technological advances while also enhancing the learner experience.

+ Master planning was completed by IBI Group for this district.

“Community involvement was essential during bond planning to bring the formerly separate districts together to pass the 2018 Bond Referendum and address the need for advanced elementary schools that foster next generation learning strategies with room for future growth and expansion.”

—Daniel Brewster, Director | Houston Office Lead | Managing Principal
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