Fox Elementary School Klein ISD | Houston, TX

Fox Elementary School in Klein ISD was first conceptualized by a group of local students and administrators during multiple charrette workshops designed to gain insight into how a building can efficiently serve and enrich the learner experience. Drawing inspiration from the future students and District staff members, the Design Team was able to arrive at a future forward solution based on the creativity of the end users. The building includes a combination of transparency with security, supports inside-to-outside learning opportunities and is designed to foster student based pedagogies such as blended learning, project-based learning (PBL) and various sizes of collaborative environments.

The 119,000 sq ft building serves approximately 850 students. The design is based on a pod “mod” concept that includes a multi-use space that supports large group learning. The flex spaces support art and science while movable glass walls add to the flexibility of these common areas in each designated grade level. The inside-to-outside learning opportunities are reinforced by the centralized learning courtyard which serves as the main focus of the campus. The next generation library encompasses a reward slide, green room studio and multiple makerspaces that open up into the courtyard and art studio. The site’s inclusive design is driven to foster healthy students and outdoor learning with secure student arrival and departure areas that ensure safety. Detention and drives are shared with a neighboring church and future middle school.

Student Centered. Student Designed. Student Owned.

“We have a rainbow wall, benches for sitting, metrics on the ground with inches and feet for measuring, and a garden out there for kids to grow things.”

—Lakita Combs, Principal, Fox Elementary School
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