Early Childhood Center and Endeavor Facility Channelview ISD | Channelview, TX

The Early Childhood Center and Endeavor Facility is designed for flexibility of education delivery. Traditional learning spaces are provided with technology and furnishing options that empower rapidly evolving teaching methods. Age-appropriate, integrated learning drives the interior and exterior design choices.

The facility design takes advantage of all spaces to introduce colors, shapes and textures that permeate the learning experience and support the idea of the “building as a teacher” concept. The corridors utilize a multitude of rich colors for wayfinding and to provide identity to the various groups within the facility. Security vestibules are provided at both entries.

“The central learning resource center is the heart of the plan, with whimsical architecture and preschool height windows; it welcomes the student clientele into the education plan of the District.”

—Daniel Brewster, Director | Houston Office Lead | Managing Principal
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