Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School Classroom Additions Pasadena ISD | Pasadena, TX

The additions to the Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technology High School in the Pasadena Independent School District provided supplementary academic space to meet the growing operational needs of the facility.

The 22,450 sq ft, two-story addition consisted of 16 classrooms, teachers’ workrooms incorporating open offices with collaboration space, student flex areas, circulation and ancillary spaces. The addition expands the collaboration spaces where students and staff have the ability for small group interaction and informal meetings outside of the traditional classroom environment. Spaces were designed to be versatile, flexible and available for multi-purpose use. The project continues to allow for the changing needs and growth of both new and current programs.

The additions were consistent with the original campus master plan and were designed to seamlessly blend with the existing school. Metal panel siding rubbed concrete tilt-up panels, low-e insulated glass windows and clearstory, sunscreens and cool roofing not only matched existing aesthetics but continued the energy-efficient and low-maintenance standards established by the original facility. Durable and sustainable interior finishes were used which consisted of non-wax luxury vinyl tile, low VOC paint, energy-efficient lighting and high impact wainscot panels.

+ Master planning was completed by IBI Group for this district.

“The additional area assisted in transitioning the CTE high school from a destination campus where students and their records were credited back to their home campus, into becoming a stand-alone and independent High School of Choice.”

—Stuart Campbell, Associate Principal
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