David Anthony Ed.D. Middle School Cypress-Fairbanks ISD | Cypress, TX

This middle school site is part of a master planned campus with an elementary school in Cypress Fairbanks ISD (it is master planned for eight portable buildings and the core is designed to accommodate this student count).

The school utilizes shared resources such as drives, joint use playfields, ability to share parking for after-hours venues and a shared mechanical central plant for higher efficiency combined HVAC system. The design takes its cues from the master planned community which has a development theme of “contemporary hill country.”

The facility with its small, medium and large group learning areas have a complete wireless data system to allow access anytime/anywhere in the facility including the outdoor learning courtyard. Transparency is a theme to the campus with security and supervision being a key driver. The majority of the core academic classroom spaces have transparent or semi-transparent walls for observation of classrooms from corridors and from flexible learning spaces. The learning courtyard is central to the academic wings and contains instructional opportunities with sundials, vertical units of measure, rain harvest cistern, solar PV cells, wind turbine, sediment troughs, specific gardens for medicinal, food and environmental benefits, protractor based learning, amphitheater and human graphing grid. The building can be used as a teaching tool by color coding to expose mechanical, electrical and data systems in key areas for student visibility and observation and touchscreen kiosks for students to learn about building systems and real time building energy use.

+ Master planning was completed by IBI Group for this district.

“Planning for the new middle school was a collaborative effort among the District’s teachers, administrators, maintenance and facilities staff. Goal setting and long-term visioning sessions were held to establish the instructional needs of the school. This team met at key milestones during the entire design and documentation phases of the project to offer input and direction as the design and documentation evolved.”

—Mark French, Director | US Deputy Education Lead | Senior Principal
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