Cloverleaf Elementary School Galena Park ISD | Houston, TX

Cloverleaf Elementary School located in Galena Park ISD is one of six elementary schools scheduled for replacement in accordance with the May 2016 Bond Referendum.

The original building was constructed 74 years ago in 1943. Since that time, the existing campus has been renovated and expanded upon on multiple occasions creating a campus that is functional; however, it suffers from the lack of initial long-range master planning. School operations have continually adapted to the evolving campus rather than the campus being redesigned or master planned around an optimal operation of the facility.

The existing, multi-building Cloverleaf Elementary School was demolished initiating the beginning of the design process of a new two-story, 114,446 sq ft elementary school with associated site work. Due to site constraints and Galena Park ISD’s project program requirements of an optimum school capacity of 900 students, a two-story design was required to be implemented in order to meet all present day code requirements relative to the site. Academic spaces are designed for age-based usage and to support student-centered learning. Classrooms for PreK through the second grade are located on the first floor with core academic spaces for third-fifth graders occupying the second floor. Classrooms are configured to accommodate a variety of small group and student-led learning spaces. The design addresses the District’s goal for new buildings to include next generation design elements to facilitate teaching concepts that will enhance the learner experience.

“The two-story media center expands the collaborative and technology-rich environment beyond the library. The continually evolving space aligns with the school’s educational focus to enhance learning in a variety of flexible, interactive and innovative means (private reading nooks, enlarged Scrabble board, learning kiva, maker spaces, etc.). Integrated design features act as a continuum to a curious and explorative learning philosophy that best meets the student’s chosen needs; they acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes through both active and passive elements.”

—Aaron Sanders, Associate Principal
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